We Are Green

Printing Processes - We are green in our printing processes by using soy-based inks and/or recycled paper in ALL of our paper products. Soy-based inks offer several benefits over their petroleum-based counterparts. Soy-based inks emit very low-VOCs and use less harsh chemicals in the clean-up process. There is always paper waste in the printing process (due to cutting) and soy-based inks make this waste easier to recycle. Recycled papers are available on a large number of our paper products. On our non-paper products (vinyl, plastic, etc), we strive to use soy inks when practicable. Some products are virtually impossible to print using soy, so we use eco-solvent inks when this is the case.

Hosting Processes - We are green in our hosting services by using only virtualized servers. Our approach is to only use what is necessary in terms of energy. Our front-end servers are capable of housing approximately 10-15 virtualized web servers on a single physical server, reducing energy usage by over 80%. Using virtualization also allows us to be extremely flexible and scalable in our offerings.

Administration Processes - We are green in our administration by adhering to reduce, reuse, recycle. If something isn't necessary, we reduce. A physical phone system is a good example of this. Our phone system is "in-the-cloud". We can receive the same level of service from a cloud-based phone system without the need to have the physical hardware that uses additional energy and wastes other resources. Use of LED and CFL lighting is another example of this. If we can't reduce, we try to reuse. This applies to things like packaging, which we strive to reuse when possible. If for some reason, something cannot be reused, we will recycle it. We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, plastic, and much more. If it comes through our door, there's a good chance we can recycle it...of course only if we can't reuse it.

We are happy to help your company become a little greener. Call us toll-free at 888-589-6224 or email us for more information.